Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Learning How To Make Illustrated Repeating Patterns - by Debbie

Cat and Mouse Pattern

After reading this great tutorial about how to quickly create patterns in Photoshop by Jennifer Morris, I made my own first attempt (above). Next, I'm going to try half drop repeats to make it look less grid-like.

If I was an accomplished seamstress, I'd SO be considering Spoonflower.


  1. Debbie,you sillyhead, you don't have to be an accomplished seamstress to design cool fabrics!!! You should totally try Spoonflower! I can just imagine some of your cartoons and monsters and all sorts of fun images on fabric! That would be SO COOL.
    Totally. Fur sure.
    No kidding, really!

  2. Very cute! Glad my tutorial was useful. :)