Monday, March 3, 2014

Instadoodles - by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

What I'm finding: the more I draw for work, the more important it is to carve regular time to doodle purely for the fun of it. When I don't, my work stagnates and I don't experiment nearly as much.

Sometimes I doodle on my own, but I also love community doodling. Today, I posted the following:


 I'm taking a break right now from work to check what people have posted, and I LOVE the doodles so far! You can see what people have doodled today by checking #inkydare on Twitter and #inkydare on Facebook (for the latter, you'll only be able to see public posts or posts by people on your FB Friends list).

I love the different interpretations of the prompt, wide range of illustration styles and especially love the found object art doodles. :-)

 I'll be posting more Inkydare doodle challenges in the future via @inkyelbows on Twitter.

 And here's my "Morning" doodle: