Friday, May 6, 2011

Casey's Mother's Day Flowers

Casey is guest blogging with a fun flower that you can make quickly and easily for your Mom, even if you forgot to get her flowers!

You start off with a piece of paper, some scissors, a ruler and some tape.
Take the paper and fold it in half so it is very long and thin.
1/2 inch from one of the edges of the paper, take the ruler and measure 3 inches up from the fold. Then take the scissors and cut  three inches up starting at the fold and cutting up. Scoot over 1/2 inch from where you cut, then do the same thing again.
Keep on going all the way across the length of the paper, making many strips.
Then, roll up the paper around a pencil all the way across the bottom strip.
Then take a piece of tape and tape around the bottom edge to hold it shut. You should have something looking like a flower.
Take the petals and open them up to make it look very fancy.
You can cut your strips smaller with more strips to make it more flouncy if you want. You can use colored paper and add flowers with glue if you want, too.
You can even put your flower in a little pot and paint it too.
Then you can give it to your mom and make her very happy. Riley says that if you don't have your mom around to give it to you can still make it and think about her, but don't cry, think of happy things about her.


  1. Looks awesome! Tell the boys thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Great instructions! Please do thank Casey & Riley for the post.