Thursday, September 1, 2011

Doodle Questions

I've been thinking a lot lately about happiness, enjoyment of life, what is fun for me. I started thinking up questions to ask myself and doodling naturally took over. It's amazing what sorts of questions come out when you tell yourself you're just going to draw them for fun and stop worrying about whether you have to answer them or not. ;)
 I've been drawing silly and serious questions and letting them carry the same weight and the big questions keep sneaking in there.
Uncomfortable questions, things that we don't usually say to other people, secret stuff. I think maybe these belong in a private journal, I'm just not sure if it's a private journal of questions that anyone else might want to doodle around and write in and work on answering honestly or not, or whether it's just me in my own little run-around world who finds them interesting.
Why do you love that particular food? Why do you eat too much at one time? Why do you eat when you're feeling depressed? How do you change all of those things? Being uncomfortable isn't a bad thing, really, if you can look at those things honestly and let your inner observer and questioner speak up. It tends to be that quiet little inner voice that we often are so well-trained to squelch. What happens when you listen for it and let it speak clearly?
I think maybe if the questions are put in a fun, non-threatening way maybe they could become a real path for self-discovery. Of course it could be argued that its just another navel-gazing exercise in self-absorption, but I'm going to choose to believe that view is just that harsh inner critic trying to squelch the fun-loving, self loving voice.
We follow all sorts of rules all the time. We do things we hate because it's expected of us. We work jobs that suck because we need to make the money to buy the stuff and make our way through the materialistic world we live in. We teach our kids to behave, control themselves, eat properly and do their boring, rote homework and sit still and color within the lines.
What would happen to the world if we all colored outside the lines?
So I'm doodling more questions. If you think of any you want to add, just add in a comment here and I'll draw them up. :)


  1. I love this idea and I think it would make an amazing hand-sewn journal for any enrichment class.

    Some from me -
    What is something tat those closest to you admire, that you do not see in yourself?

    List some purely frivolous, minor, small achievements - stuff that isn't world-shaking or important - allow yourself to be proud of them.

    List 10 things that make you laugh like you were 6 years old again.

    Do something completely silly, completely fun with no costs or self-doubt. ((this one's hard for me))

    Im sure I could find a ton more, but I think those are what Id want to do.

    Have I mentioned that I want to take stuff you do and make it into other things yet?

  2. Wonderful! I've added these to my questions to draw up- thank you!

  3. This one I think is a good question for any creative sort who works with characters they make up on the page, imaginary freinds they sing to, and so on.

    Afellow writer sent me this:
    To all of your crew: What is the quote/saying that best describe either their personality/situation/destiny?