Monday, April 4, 2011


Just watch this, and see if it doesn't make you smile.
It's pretty boggling, if you think about it, how much work and precision went into constructing this whole thing. And yes, it's a cell phone ad, so the artists got funded by advertising dollars.

Does that make it less amazing? Does it mean the artists sold out? Does it make their accomplishment less meaningful?

Would they have been able to even construct it if they hadn't gotten funding from the advertisers? Is there any difference here between getting financial support to make this, as opposed to the original composer, Mr. J.S. Bach, getting financial support from his King to compose and perform amazing music? Would either one even exist without funding from other, richer sources?

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  1. How lovely! I find myself less worried about the idea of selling out as I've gotten older. It seems to me that selling out is not as much about building something beautiful and being paid for it, as it is about building something you know is ugly just because it makes money.