Monday, March 7, 2011

Daily Doodling with Debbie

I'm going to take the liberty of posting about a very cool thing Debbie manages to do pretty regularly in the midst of her busy schedule. Debbie has cultivated what she calls her daily doodles. :) She never makes a big deal out of them, but they're always fun and it's always  interesting to see what comes out of her creative and twisted brain:

She also uses her daily doodles for working out details of projects, like this recent group of thumbnail roughs to work out character design:


I have had very mixed success myself with keeping up daily doodles, since life somehow keeps getting in the way. But the fact is that even trying to keep up with a weekly doodle can go a long way towards building up a great family of sketches. I have a collection of sketchbooks that go back many years now; they vary in how well I managed to keep up with a weekly practice, but they do add up. You can look through them all later and have them stun you with all that they reveal. You may realize they show growth as an artist, they surprise you with their quality and how well you did, they show an evolution of your own unique style and a really surprising chronicle of your own internal life. Even if that includes crazed killer squirrels.


  1. Hey Debbie, let's see if the comment notification works... I posted about your manic crazed killer squirrel on Sketcharound...

  2. Got the notification, Beckett. Yay!